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FXTM Infographics

Take a deeper dive into financial & forex markets with engaging and interesting infographics on how to manage your time and money effectively.

Stock Shock: Brand Blunders that Shook the Stock Market

2017 was the year of big brand bust-ups. Do you remember all these brand mistakes shaking the stock market?


The bitcoin phenomenon

This was the first ever purchase in cryptocurrency history. May 22nd is now ‘Bitcoin Pizza Day’ in celebration of the event, and is used as a milestone to track Bitcoin’s growth. So, how many pizzas could you buy with 10,000 Bitcoin today?


Entrepreneurial Family Businesses


How well do you know these entrepreneurial families? Here at FXTM we have researched all of the businesses these entrepreneurial families have either founded, invested in, or served on the board of and mapped them out in this fun infographic.


MT4 vs. MT5 - Key differences explained


A comparison of MetaTrader 4 vs 5, understanding the difference each platform has. Time Frames, Pending Orders, MQL4 & MQL5 and more.


Against All Odds: Big Business Risks That Paid Off.


We have investigated some of the biggest challenges that leading corporations such as FedEx, Netflix and Virgin have faced during their development, and the difficult decisions their founders made to overcome them. Would you have made the same call?


The Stories Behind Banknote Illustrations


How well do you really know your currency? Check out ForexTime’s great banknote infographic to find out more!


The Impact of Trump and Brexit


Trump and Brexit have sent their respective nations, and the world, into widespread uncertainty of what the future holds, and this infographic details the initial and reactive short-term impact, as well as delving into what is expected in the long-term.


The Height of Extreme Sport


At the tail end of 2016, we were incredibly proud to see Valery Rozov break yet another BASE jumping world record, jumping from the highest exit point of Cho Oyu in China, at over 25,000 feet. We share similar dedication and focus in what we do at FXTM, and gladly sponsored the extreme sporting legend throughout his #FXTMbasejump journey.


Business Etiquette from Around the World


There are more than just language barriers to overcome when conducting business or dealing with colleagues or suppliers internationally however, and business etiquette is of the utmost importance. We’ve detailed exactly what you need to know around the world in our infographic below – from presenting your pristine business cards with two hands in China and Japan, and passing documents with your right hand in the United Arab Emirates.


Save money and invest wisely


Many of us rely on a coffee to get us going in the morning. There’s certainly a demand for it, and millions of people seem more than happy to pay for the convenience, but buying a coffee from your local coffee shop every morning can seriously add up.  This infographic shows how much are we spending on luxury items and services every year, and how much could we potentially save if we didn’t. 


The UK Franchise Map

Earlier this year, it was reported that Britain has ‘the worst diet in Europe’ and that our consumption of highly-processed junk food is four times greater than countries such as Greece, Italy and France.