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China Union Pay

Fees / CommissionNo Commission
Processing TimeInstant

Important Information

  1. No third party payments will be accepted.
  2. In order to process your deposit, FXTM requires the following details as an obligatory requirement:
  3. For each initial deposit with a new bank account please provide us with scanned colored copy of bank statement showing your name, account number and transaction made. All the details must be clear and visible.
  4. FXTM will process your initial deposit as soon as the information above is provided. Although future deposits do not require the submission of the above information, please note that FXTM reserves the right to request additional verification for a bank account you may be using at any time.
  5. FXTM has minimum and maximum amount limits: the minimum deposit is 10 CNY; the maximum deposit is 10,000 USD per single transaction and 100,000 USD per month per client. Please also confirm the existent transfers limits for your bank account with your Bank.
  6. FXTM will accept China Union Pay transactions in CNY only. All CUP transactions sent in CNY will automatically be converted to USD; please find our current conversion rates in your MyFXTM Conversion Rates table.
  7. The transaction processor will charge the receiving party a fee for each transaction, which is incurred by FXTM clients (see Conversion Rates table). The net amount will be posted to your trading account, which was funded through the card processor.
  8. If the deposit is successful it will be posted to your trading account shortly. There might be a delay if the transaction processor or FXTM is unable to verify your information.
  9. All China Union Pay withdrawals must be sent back to the same bank account from which we received your funds.
  10. We will only contact you for requirements we have regarding your CUP bank account details through FXTM official emails. We never request any secret details (secure codes, your current available bank balance etc). If you have any suspicious requests from an unclear email please contact us at: backoffice@fxtm.com
Fees / CommissionNo Commission
Processing Time24 hours